Syndicates in Australia

Syndicates introduce owners who can only afford a small percentage in greyhounds, making it affordable and a fun way to get involved.

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CG Syndications

1300 139 178

202/22 Belgrave Street, Kogarah NSW 2217, Australia

9.00am-5.00pm Mon-Fri

CG Syndications Welcome to CG Syndications Just a bunch of likeminded family and friends about to endure the highs and lows of owning superbly bred greyhounds! We do it for the love of the greyhounds and game Read more…

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Greyhound Junkies Syndication

0403 024 058

Roxburgh Park VIC, Australia

9.00am-5.00pm Mon-Fri

Greyhound Junkies Greyhound Racing Syndicates Made Easy Greyhound Junkies has established itself as one of the best Greyhound racing syndicates in Australia. We’ve been providing genuine Greyhound ownership for a fraction of the true cost, you can become part of a truly remarkable, thrilling pastime. Read more…

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Chaser Syndications

1300 385 838

Sydney NSW, Australia

9:00 to 17:00

Chaser Syndications Join the fun of Greyhound racing with Chaser Syndications. We are a passionate Greyhound racing syndicator offering affordable Greyhound shares. Becoming a part-owner in a Greyhound has never been easier, anyone can enjoy the thrill and cheer on their own Greyhound. Read more…

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